Training Deck Pack

$ 5.00

A pair of Ortus Regni training decks. Red and Blue Earls. These special cards have cheat sheet Earl card rules printed on each card.

This set includes two pre-made Earl decks of 24 cards each, and a Palace card for each Earl. These are very basic deck designs, intended to familiarize new players with the most common Earl cards in the game, and its overall gameplay. Because they are identical and also quite basic deck designs they are not focused on creating a surprisingly tense strategic or tactical game, but are intended as an instructional aid.

Each deck includes the following cards, plus a Palace:

Castles - 4
Lands - 5
Market Towns - 2
Church - 1
Cathedral - 1
Prince - 2
Vassal - 2
Champion - 1
Treachery - 1
Intrique - 1
Allies - 2
Banner - 2

Note: a pack of these training decks are included free with each core Ortus Regni box purchased from this online store.