Ortus Regni - Game Mats

Ortus Regni gameplay mats are standard sized gaming mats (14" x 24"), which provides you with ample room to build your Earldoms on them.

The full Ortus Regni game mat collection includes standard sized mats of four distinct types.

1) Earl Flags & Crests mats. Each Earl color in Ortus Regni has its own mat. Show off your own loyalties. 

2) Textured mats, including our our bordered Parchment mat and our Stone mat. Both suitably Medieval.   

3) Solid color mats, which show off the Earl cards quite nicely, include our Black and (imperial) Purple mats.

4) Graphical mats, which display art from our Earl cards, include the Vassal, Treachery, Allies and Banquet cards.