Ortus Regni - Varient Mats

Our collection of variant mats adds novel game mechanisms while retaining the core Ortus Regni gameplay rules. 

Each mat adds a thematic feature to Ortus Regni as well, from your family's gathered resources in the Inheritance mat, to the political control of the capital of Wessex in the Winchester mat. 

These mats can be included in a game of Ortus Regni individually or you can play with multiple mats at once. They are 11"x17" sized mats, which can be placed in the center of the gaming table. 

Our current selection of variant mats includes 7 mats: Armory, Danelaw, High Marshall, Inheritance, Shire, Welsh Marches, and Winchester. 

Gaming with variant mats requires the normal Ortus Regni game and cards. Rules for all variant mats are online at: http://ortusregni.com/mats/